Understanding Background Checks

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Background checks are obligatory in quite a number of fields that may include but are not limited to pre-employment screening, criminal screenings and tenant screenings. Background checks are meant to scrutinize records and past activities of a potential employee, business partner, client or tenant with the aim of evaluating their suitability for the opportunity on offer.

This processes should be comprehensive and exhaustive but within the limits of the law. With the rise in demand for background check services, companies have taken advantage of it and stepped into the market with various companies offering these services.

If you reside in the US, Fair Credit Reporting act monitors, controls and limits your usage of these services. You are forced to find a certified consumer reporting agency if you are looking for background services for renting and employment purposes, otherwise, you might face legal charges if you use that information for those services. All the products we have reviewed on this site mine their data from state, court, county and public records.

Online public databases contain records that offer you information about a potential employee, tenant, business or roommate. The information may include criminal records, tax details, bankruptcies and status. All this information is provided by various background check services offered by various companies at a considerable cost.

Types of background checks

There are various types of background checks provided by various companies. These companies can provide a comprehensive full background check as a package or provide a specific type of check depending on the information needed. The various types of background checks include;

1.    Credit background check.

This type of background is done with the aim of scrutinizing an individual’s credit and financial history. An individual’s credit information is collected, kept and distributed by various agencies as well private companies at a cost. Credit background checks are done for the purpose of finding out if an individual can comfortably pay rent, service a mortgage or pay a loan.

2.    Liens and civil judgments background check

A lien is a law that has been placed on an individual’s property in response to the late or non-settlement of a debt. A civil judgment, on the other hand, is a ruling in any court of law on a matter that does not involve criminal issues. Tenants, landlords and employers often carry out this type of background check to determine if you have any civil suit or debt on your shoulders.

3.    Academic check

This type of check is intended to nab individuals who have falsified their resumes. It is commonly commissioned by employers seeking to recruit new employees. It is basically meant to confirm the academic details on your resume.

Background checks involving academic verifications are often done by the employers themselves. However, employers sometimes hire professional background check firms to carry out the exercise especially if the process involves bulk materials.

4.    Reference check.

This type of background checks goes hand in hand in hand with academic verification check. The two can even be performed alongside each other. Application for job and loans requires an individual to provide your past work experience that can be counterchecked and guarantors respectively. Employers often carry out reference checks to confirm if the information provided by potential employees on their resume is true.

5.    Social security number checks.

This type of background check is simple and straightforward. It only seeks to confirm if the information provided by the employees is true and the employees are actually who they say they are. It involves the use of an employee’s social security number and the data accompanying it, provided by the government, to check if they match with whatever is on the resume. Employers also use to evaluate if a potential employee is fit and qualified to work in the US.

6.    Criminal background checks

This is the most common type of background check. This is what actually comes to mind when people are discussing background checks in general. However, this is the most significant type of background check.

A criminal background check is meant to confirm the existence of criminal history or lack thereof. It is mostly done by professionals who scrutinize rap sheets in various county, state and federal courts as well as other criminal databases.

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