What you need to know about Background Checking services?

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Around 90% of employers perform background checking before hiring any employee. Background checking is becoming essential for companies to ensure that the employee they are hiring is having a clean past record. The background checks take into consideration all critical aspects such as education qualifications, past employment, professional license, individual ID proof and credibility of the applicants.  Most of the top most hiring companies and government organizations have very stringent rules when it comes to background checks and hiring an individual.

Important points for background checks

· Criminal records- Companies may have a rule that they don’t want to hire an individual who has been convicted of a crime and arrested. Also, there may be chances that a criminal or conspiracy case is ongoing or could be in the past. In such cases, the complete case details is checked and analyzed by the hiring company. However, a normal conviction may not immediately disqualify you from employment but if the crime is proven and person is convicted then he there may be terms of disqualification. Companies have a strong rule against employing an individual with a criminal record and may reject the individual application straightaway.

· Past Employment Verifications /Reference Check- It is important for the companies to perform detailed verification and reference check. This may include getting reference details from applicant along with past employment behavior and whether the individual is fit for the job or not. A pre- employment verification check may be conducted with HR or current employees of the leaving organization. This would also include checking ID Proof, address etc.

· Credit check- Pre-employment credit checks can also be conducted to ensure that person employing with the company doesn’t have a bad credit ongoing or having poor credit score. Some of the financial or accounts handling companies may seek a proper credit score and report before hiring.

Things to consider before hiring a background check services online

There are so many websites available on internet that sell background check services. Lots of choices are available for the customer to find a background check service. Before you choose a company, you need to check below points which can aid you in making a good choice.

· Avoid instant background search – Database type of instant searches are not the right way if you are looking to hire an individual for a multinational or government agency. The problem is that database information may not completely up to date or accurate since some of the information could be incomplete. Inside the government run databases, information is limited and may not be update frequently. The interval to update may vary from one month to quarterly or yearly in some cases. This means relying on database information based background check is not a great idea when you need to do a critical hiring.

· Check type of service offered – There are many websites offering background checks. Just because website looks legitimate, it doesn’t mean that the background checks would be legitimate. It is important to check who is performing background check and what are the ways they are checking backgrounds. A legitimate company would be having an address and a contact number along with email address on their website. You can also check whether the company holds a professional license for background check or not. Having a professional license allows company to conduct checks without impacting their private space. This also means that the company doesn’t perform unethical and dishonest means to do a business otherwise if the company turned out to be fraud or involved in any wrong means then you be will held accountable for the actions and may lead to a complaint filed against you.

It is imperative to ensure that the company you are about to choose is also a legitimate company and provides a reliable background check services. You can contact the company officials or managers to get complete details about the background check services and what information they include in the background check. A detailed report in both hard and soft copy containing personal information to professional information of the employee in a proper format would make things easier for you as an employer while also easier to store the information in the company database.

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