BeenVerified Review

BeenVerified is a search engine that offers people affordable and reliable public information records. The information includes criminal records, addresses, phone numbers, social media profiles, all aggregated into one. The company is based out of New York. In the recent years, it has earned itself a reputable name and has also been featured on Tech Crunch, CNET, and more. The information provided by the search engine is always accurate. In fact, there have hardly been any complaints so far.

The claims put forward by the company

The main purpose of the search engine is to scour every bit of public information about the concerned person and produce it to the users for a very small fee. The search engine is available for all to use. You will, however, be required to go through a few verification steps before you can actually start using the tool. Once this is done, you can have immediate access to the information about millions of people living in the United States. The search engine has a very good processing speed. So, you hardly have to wait more than a few minutes to get access to the required information. Although the company claims many a feature to its search engine, not all of them run in the exact expected way.

What is all the hype about BeenVerified?

BeenVerified is being promoted almost everywhere in the present times. Yes, it has surpassed many other search engines in terms of popularity. So what is the actual reason behind its popularity? Well, first of all, the search engine can be easily used on multiple devices such as computers, tablets, and smartphones. It is also compatible with a number of platforms including Android, iOS, and Windows. Hence, it gives you the convenience of making a quick background check on any person, irrespective of the device that you are using. Furthermore, it collects information from a large number of highly reliable sources before providing it to the users. This has made BeenVerified highly popular amongst a vast user base who has found the engine to be highly useful.

Why use BeenVerified?

BeenVerified can come handy whenever you want to access detailed information about the person you are going to hire, checking up the people you find creepy, learning about people you are going to make deals with, looking up long lost friends and relatives or even spying on your spouses. If you feel that you are unable to judge a person properly, you can always opt for BeenVerified to come to your rescue.

Features of BeenVerified and how does it work

BeenVerified collects information from multiple public databases at the federal, state and local level and compiles it all into a single unit, making it very easy for the users to get an overall idea about an individual. The quality of information is the same as you would get from a private detective. It provides you with information regarding criminal records, civil records, professional records, licenses owned, aircrafts and watercrafts owned, current and old phone numbers, current and previous addresses, associated people, driving records, age, potential relatives and more. Furthermore, all of the information stored by the search engine is continually updated.

You are simply required to put in whatever information you have in hand before making a search. The site will process your request and provide you with all the remaining information. The information is compiled in an organized manner. So, you can instantly look up the exact information that interests you the most. The best part, however, is that all searches made using BeenVerified is kept 100% confidential. Hence, it remains very safe for the users irrespective of the number of searches that have been made. It is also available as an app for the smartphone. Three searches in a week remain free, and if you want to make more searches, you are required to make a payment of $8.

Subscription options

There are two different packages offered by BeenVerified.

· A monthly plan that comes at a price of $22.86

· Three months subscription plan that comes at a price of $52.44