Instant Checkmate Review

Instant Checkmate website serves as a broker providing useful information about almost anyone for a very reasonable fee. The information includes phone numbers, addresses, arrest records, licenses and a host of other things. In order to provide the required information, Instant Checkmate collects records from multiple sources including local, federal and state databases. It collects the data from no less than 30 different highly reliable points. Hence, if you are looking for some background information about a specific person, Instant Checkmate can be a great option.

Making searches in Instant Checkmate

Performing a background check on Instant Checkmate is very easy. You just have to enter the name of the person along with the age and location if you are aware of it. You will also be required to pay a small amount of fees at the same time. Within a matter of seconds, the search screen will notify you that the information for arrest records, speeding tickets, misdemeanors, online activity, lawsuits felonies, marriage records, etc. are being searched. Then a page will appear where you will be shown all the matches for the information you have entered. This page will have some basic information such as location, age, name, relatives and the list of information you can access from there on.

Accuracy on the Instant Checkmate

The information provided through Instant Checkmate is obtained from a large number of reliable sources, checked and cross-checked. Hence, they are always highly accurate. However, due to the similarity of name and age, you may end up confusing one person for the other. Hence, looking up other additional information such as location and relatives may help you in acquiring just the right information.

Depending on the type of search that has been conducted, the users are mainly given two different types of reports – the standard report and the premium report. The information included in each of the reports is as follows.

1. Standard report

· Full name

· Date of birth

· Present address

· Past addresses

· Phone number

· Other people living at the same address

· Data released by the census

· Satellite images of the properties owned by the person

· Relatives

· Records of conviction and arrest

· Record for driving

· DEA licenses

· FAA licenses

· DUI arrests

· Sex offenders living in the same area

2. Premium reports

Users who have opted for standard reports can also upgrade to premium reports during the course of the search. The information included in the Premium search is as follows:

· Affiliations to different corporate

· Civil judgments

· UCC filings

· Watercrafts owned by the person

· Properties owned by the person

· Phone numbers owned in the past

· Voter registration

· Tax liens

· Email addresses

· Information on accidents

· Permits for hunting/fishing

· Permits for owning weapons

· Aircrafts owned by the person

· Business associates

· Neighbors and more

Other features of the Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate is mainly popular for background checks. However, it also has various other convenient features that have been mentioned below.

1. Reverse phone lookup

Instant Checkmate can be used when you have an unknown caller. Just enter the given phone number. The site will conduct a reverse search and provide you with the information of the caller. If you want to make further searches, you can also look up the full name, address, date of birth and other information about the caller.

2. Criminal records database
The criminal record database comes free of cost and can be used to acquire information on the crime data by entering the name of the state or the city together with the zip code. This gives information on

· Rape

· Murder

· Robbery

· Aggravated assault

· Arson

· Burglary

· Motor vehicle theft

· Larceny theft

This can come of use especially while moving into a new place.

3. People directory

The site also serves as a people directory where you can provide three valuable bits of information – the first name, the last name and the address to acquire full information on the person. If interested, you will have the option of making a premium search on the individual.