People Looker Review

People Looker is a search engine for public records. It contains an enormous amount of information regarding the people living in the United States. The users can even make searches using the name of an individual only. On top of this, there are various customization options for conducting more accurate searches. If you have additional information such as address, phone number, and email, you can also put in the additional information while making your searches. There is no limit to what you can search on People Looker. Some important aspects of this search engine have been discussed in detail in the following sections.

Unique features of People Looker

Each search engine comes with its own set of features. When you are well informed regarding the different features, you know when and when not to use the site. The company claims many interesting features to its search engine. However, in the following paragraphs, you will know which ones are really functional and which are not.

You can make reverse searches

Reverse search is a common feature among various search engines. Generally, you enter a name, and the site provides you with additional information such as email and phone number. However, People Looker also has an additional feature wherein you can put in the available information and phone number. The search engine then offers you the whereabouts of the concerned person. There are mainly three types of reverse search offered in People Looker. These are reverse email check, reverse property check and reverse phone number check. Since all of these are available under the subscription, you do not have to pay anything extra while making the searches.

The search engine gives you full reports

People Looker gives you the required information in the form of different sections. This makes the report more organized, and you can go through any section that intrigues you the most and save the other sections for later. The information provided includes contact information, social media profiles, people associated with the person, professional records, civil records, criminal records and various other data. This automatically makes People Looker much more powerful and convenient as compared to other search engines.

You can edit your information

The most interesting feature of People Looker is that it allows the users to add or remove their own information. This requires a confirmation from the search engine, and you are also required to make an additional payment. However, the feature can get very convenient if some of your own information has been entered erroneously or when it comes to limiting the amount of information you want to reveal. This is a feature not usually seen in other search engines.

The information is continually updated

All information provided by the search engine is frequently updated. This makes sure that you have access to the most accurate information. This mainly applies to criminal records, addresses, and contact information. The site has its own team of court runners who gather information directly from the court and update it on the search engine. The users can also make requests for vital information upon making additional payments.

Easy access

This may be the best part of using People Looker. The search engine is not only easy to access but also very easy to use. Everything from the navigation to the payments is very smooth, and you can browse through the various sections with much ease. Furthermore, the search engine can be used on multiple devices and platforms such as Windows, Android, and iOS. Hence, you can make searches wherever you are.

The searches remain confidential

All searches made on People Looker are kept confidential at all times. Therefore, the person you are looking up will not receive any notification regarding the search. This makes the site 100% safe and secure.

 Subscription Plans

There are two types of packages with People Looker. The users may choose any of the two depending on their convenience.

· The one month plan requires you to make a payment of $18.28 every month. This package offers basic searches on criminal records, property lookups, email, phone number lookups and more.

· The three-month plan requires you to make a total payment of $43.86. This comes up to $14.62 per month. If you are frequently doing background searches, this package may be more profitable.