Spy Fly Review

Are you looking for a lost colleague or high school love? Do you want to know more about the interests of the person you just started dating? Do you wish to find a friend you haven’t met in years? Spy Fly is the answer to your questions! Spy Fly is one of the highest rated website where you can connect with or find people. To know more Spy Fly and how is it serving people or meeting their needs, keep going through the complete review discussed below.

What does Spy Fly do?

Spy Fly is a portal that allows you to search for people to perform background checks. The background checks are done on the basis of the records stored in the up to date database of Spy Fly. You can find a person and collect their contact information, family circle, friend circle, education, career information and even traffic offences and criminal records, if any. The accurate database stores information and generates results in a fast and secure manner. The database has billions of records of people all over the U.S. The added advantage of using Spy Fly is that it notifies you any time a criminal or a sex offender moves into your locality. This is an easy way to monitor the people who live in the neighborhood.  

While availing services of Spy Fly, clients can stay assured of gathering complete information about a certain person. This way they are not going to miss on any fact which might be important for hiring an individual at work or while renting your apartment or for any other purpose.

How to start using Spy Fly?

Spy Fly gives a safe, quick and easy way to find people and know more about them, all you need to do is enter their first name, last name and the state they reside in. A sophisticated technology scans through the billions of records present in the database. However, according to Fair Credit Reporting Act, the information retrieved should not be used to aggregate a person’s eligibility for employment, personal or consumer credits, insurance or any personal or business transactions.

What is the membership priced at?

Spy Fly offers a 7 days trial membership at a price of $1 or $2. After the completion of the 7 days trial, a charge of $29.97 will be applied to the credit card, debit card or bank account you wish to pay from. The account will be billed at the same price till the subscription is cancelled by you. You can subscribe for a paid membership for 7 days at a price of $2.99. This membership is exclusive of the membership trial of 7 days.

For a monthly subscription of the Spy Fly ID Protect Membership, you will be charged $1.96 every month till you cancel your subscription. The fee paid for any of the membership option you choose, the fee is used for the processing of your information and is not refundable. To cancel a subscription, you can contact the customer care center by calling on 1-800-301-5816 or 1-800-349-9058.

 How popular is Spy Fly among its users?

Spy Fly has helped people all over the U.S to connect to their long lost family members and friends. A lot of members praise and thank Spy Fly for identifying the sex offenders in their neighborhood which helped them to protect themselves and their loved ones. According to the ratings of the Better Business Bureau, Spy Fly has been rated with an A grade and zero complaints over the last few years. The credit of immense success and popularity of the company undoubtedly goes to the professionals hired at the place. They are highly proficient in offering customers best services which are useful to each one of them.


Spy Fly is one of the highest rated websites that provide a safe and secure way to search for family, friends and acquaintances. You can use the Spy Fly to find criminals and sex offenders in your neighborhood. The added advantage of using Spy Fly to search people is the database which holds records of billions of people from all over the U.S. All you need to know is the first name, last name and the state the person resides in.